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Our utmost priority is our clients, and we take every possible step to ensure that you receive exceptional customer support, cutting-edge trading technology, and excellent trading conditions.

If you believe that we have not fulfilled our obligations to you for any reason, we kindly request you to spare a moment to complete the Complaint Form provided below.

It is important to know

Upon receiving your complaint, you will receive a written acknowledgment from us within 5 working days, confirming the receipt of your message. Your complaint will then be reviewed by our Compliance Department, and you can expect a final response within 2 months.

If you would like to become acquainted with the entire process, please consult our Complaints Handling Manual.

Pay attention
Please ensure that you furnish us with as much relevant information and particulars as possible to assist us in comprehending your issue. All complaints reported to us undergo thorough analysis and investigation in accordance with relevant regulations.