Security of Your Funds

At EMS Brokers, we provide services that comply with all relevant EU and local regulations, and we take every precautionary measure to ensure the high security of your funds in all situations.

License Issued by CySEC - Financial Regulatory Agency Based in EU

The company operates under the regulation of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which means that we can only provide our services in compliance with strict regulatory requirements. Our activities are regularly monitored, and we are obligated to submit efficient financial reports periodically. Visit CySEC.

ΙCF Membership

The Company is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, which safeguards the claims of Covered Clients against Cyprus Investment Firms. In the event of a member firm's failure to meet its obligations, clients can seek compensation through the Fund. Thanks to our membership in the ICF, you are protected in the highly unlikely event of the Company's insolvency.

Negative Balance Protection

In accordance with regulatory requirements, we provide full protection to our clients from negative balances. This means that you are not held liable for any negative account balance resulting from sudden and drastic market movements. The maximum risk associated with trading is limited to the equity available in your account.

Segregation of Client’s Funds (omnibus accounts)

Client funds are held in separate accounts within secure banking institutions, ensuring that they are protected from being used for any other purpose. This segregation from the company's own accounts guarantees that your funds cannot be accessed or utilized by the company under any circumstances.

Trusted Payment Providers

 Whether you intend to deposit or withdraw your funds, we will only process your transactions through trusted, authorized, and regulated payment providers. Each bank or payment provider we collaborate with is regulated by financial supervisory institutions based in the EU. Here is the list of Payment Clearing Service Providers.